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Cursuses and Related Monuments of the British Neolithic: PhD Thesis, University of Leicester (1985)

Type: Fieldwork archives Publisher: Archaeology Data Service

In this nationwide survey completed in 1984 (written up and submitted 1985) all cursuses were plotted at a scale of 1:10560 and the smaller, but morphologically related, elongated ditches (oblong, trapeziform and ovate) at a scale of 1:2500. These common scales enable direct comparison and...

Hajdúböszörmény, Kis-Zelemér, 106.

Type: Sites and monuments databases or inventories Publisher: HNM

short summary of the excavation

Csincse, Lénárt-dűlő II.

Type: Artefact databases or image collections Publisher: HNM

finds inventory of the site

Csorvás 161. lh., Békési út és Orosházi út szöge

Type: Event/intervention resources Publisher: HNM

short summary of the excavation

Kunszentmárton, Koplaló (M44 36.)

Type: Scientific datasets Publisher: HNM

archaeological geophysical measurement report